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Journey in Japan Part 37: Shiitake My Breath Away

Tidings in my hostel today educate me ofa celebration atMukojima-Hyakkaen Gardens. Today is Tsukimi-no-Kai, which equates to indicate Moon Watching; an old-time tradition that has been commemorated in these gardens for over 2 hundred years. The aim tonight is to commemorate and delight in the Harvest Moon. The strategy to assemble at 4 pm is added tomy memory. Outside it is gloomy, I doubt the moon will certainly show up, but the event appears fun.

My first location of the day is the brilliantly entitled Task Consume More Mushrooms, just a tempting eleven stations away on the Ginza Line. It is held this year at Ark Hills, a substantial workplace advancement at the heart of Akasaka. I get on the train as well as get off at the mnemonic preferred, Toranamon. To run a marathon. I take an instead unhurried stroll to the place. Along the way, I pass the Consular office of Micronesia and the Structure of Miracles, before finally arriving at Project Eat More Mushrooms.

The mushroom celebration right here is rubbish. An outright waste of thirty minutes each method on the train. Fail to remember consuming more mushrooms, even more stores offering themushrooms would be a welcome start. I would hardly call 4 market stalls a celebration. There are no miracles right here. There are no mascots below. There are very few mushrooms right here. For the sake of not throwing away a trip, I buy someshiitake mushrooms as well as some enoki mushrooms for a total of 450.

Back at the hostel, it ends up that these mushrooms are precisely the same ones that I might have gotten fromSeven Eleven. With my wasted time and wasted train fares, these turn out to be one of the most costly mushrooms on earth.

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After mushrooms, I assemble at 4 pm as intended. The little team of seven includes my friends Aram as well as Dagmar, andtwo awesome tour guides from the hostel, Keina and also Gomez. We head to Asakusa Station as well as take the Tobu Skytree Line to Higashimukojima Station. Oddly, heading the train slows to a crawl as it crosses the Sumida River; this happens deliberately to display the remarkable view, apparently. In Sumida, we head to Mukojima-Hyakkaen Gardens; my third browse through to these yards given that remaining in Japan.The entryway charge is the usual150.

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At the entryway we are asked to splash ourselves withmosquito repellent, so we do, before going into the gardens. Inside, offerings are being made to the moon.

Tv teams are establishing at the entry to the Hagi Passage. Flocks of individuals are queueing up for the 2000 tea ceremony; the exact same event I had actually formerly taken pleasure in at no cost. The audio of tweeting pests fills up the air. We eliminate a long time checking out the park, before heading back to the wisteria trellis for the opening ceremony. After a short opening speech, a performance of the shinobue starts.

Shinobue is aJapanese transverse flute, made from hollow bamboo. 2 performers bet virtually half an hour. During their performance, I obtain shed in reflection on a bench surrounded by vegetation and insects.

After the efficiency, it is time to light the lots of lights thatlitter the yards. The paper lights are lit just in time fortwilight. There are thirty-five in total, as well as volunteers are urged to participate in the event. Each of the lights is decorated withhaiku.

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When the lights are lit a curtain of sundown is up to the soundof a koto, a traditional Japanese thirteen-stringed tool. The 5 performers play in consistency, the sweet sound of the koto continues toresonate till at last the giftspresented earlier as well as the stunning music are enough to transform the night sky from cloudy to clear. Clouds tip apart, and the Harvest Moon revealsits face.

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We take a seat and appreciate the sky. The moon is a ghostlywhite, brighter than I can ever before remember; but it has actually been a while. Like the celebrities, the moon rarely shows up over the Tokyo sky line. Tonight the moon doesn’t hide, it looks beautiful, it is spectacular.

We eat snacks. The babble combineswith the songs. The thought crosses my mind that this event has been takingplace precisely where I am right currently, for the last two-hundred or so years. It possibly hasn’t altered a lot since then either. My mind carried to another time.

I consume a bowl of Oden; aJapanese winter months food including numerous fish and veggies in a soy-flavouredbroth.800 and also delicious. We chat for some time much longer, delighting in thesound of theinsects, the songs from the koto efficiency, and also the lull of the moon.

At 7 pm it feels a lot behind it is. Thedarkness comes earlier now, but the climate is still cozy; an atypical autumn. All of us head back to Asakusa on the train before going our separate methods. I go back to my hostel to consume some even more mushrooms.

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