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SIM Card with a Phone Number How to Get One

Can I Obtain a SIM Card with a Telephone number?

So, the big inquiry right here is, can I get an actual SIM card with a telephone number. A SIM card that will allow you to make as well as receive telephone calls, send and get messages along with some type of data strategy. Not to be puzzled with a Travel SIM; which only supplies you with a data limitation and typically expires within 7-30days.

To start with, why do you need a Japanese contact number? Its required for lots of things such as obtaining a job, savings account, enrolling in internet sites etc. Life in Japan comes to be much, a lot easier once youve acquired a real telephone number!

If you have an excellent command of analysis and writing Japanese you can conveniently buy a contact number online from any kind of business internet site. The business Im presently using currently is IIJmio as well as you can access their website here.

Nevertheless, when I first arrived I couldnt speak any Japanese therefore this is how it all dropped.

The Grueling SIM Card Application Refine

I already had a brand-new IPhone 6S in my possession at the time, so all I needed was a SIM card for it ASAP! I decreased to among the larger BIC Cam stores, situated in Shinjuku. The only Japanese expression I recognized was (Eigo hanaseru suttafu ga imasu ka), which converts to Are there any kind of English-speaking team working right here?.

SIM Card with a Phone Number How to Get One photo 0

I entered the shop and also went to the shelf which has SIM cards, to get a little card board pamphlet which offered me with several information strategies and prices. I selected my preferred information and also monthly rate I thought appropriated. It was with the firm IIJmio (they use Docomos mobile network, as well as among the significant communications provider in Japan), and from my picked strategy I would obtain a phone number, as well as 3GB of data all for 3000yen each month on a 12-month agreement. This was the also the cheapest strategy offered, which I assumed was excellent value.

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No English!

Currently while I was holding the pamphlet, a gentleman came and offered me, I simply just showed him my wanted plan and he responded in Japanese! I then believed it was time to use the only Japanese phrase I understood as well as hope for the best. But, obviously, he looked puzzled and also just informed me to follow him by way of hand motions.

I was escorted to the service counter where I was to be offered by another gent (standing on the same side of the counter as me). I handed him the pamphlet, he also then proceeded to speak in Japanese. I recited my single expression one more time, only to be greeted by a comparable response and facial expression. By now I was guessing there was no person offered to aid me.

The first question he asked me was to see my (House card), sometimes additionally described as a gaijin card. I had heard words Kaado, so this I presumed was my rely on present my only valid form of recognition. He inspected it, although I guess he was primarily just examining I had one!
He returned my card and then handed me a ticket number and also I awaited my number to be called.

Finally, my number was called and also I reached the counter, there a young girl offered me and also began speaking in the indigenous tongue once more. I assumed, and you most likely currently thought it, time to utilize that phrase again! However, this moment she replied sorry in English, which I presumed to indicate there wasnt any kind of English talking team working. So I approved my circumstance and assumed there is no English speaking personnel concerning conserve you, just ride it out till the end!

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I handed her my resident card, and also she after that brings me an iPad to submit an application, which remarkably was in ENGLISH!!! I was most definitely pleased about that!

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Next off, it concerned the time for repayment choices, I had a global credit card and that appeared to work just great! For individuals without this kind of card, you can additionally acquire pre-paid charge card from the majority of convenience stores throughout Japan.

After that was all done she handed me an invoice that had a total cost of 1 yen! She gestured over to the register, so I visited pay my 1 yen and returned and also see her!

Selling my Soul

After returning with my 1 yen invoice, she then called another gentleman over and also he began clarifying everything about the contract. Naturally, I didnt understand anything, as this was likewise in the indigenous dialect. So I simply stood there saying (yes) when it was needed, accepting my one year sentence. I could have marketed my soul to the adversary as well as still been totally unaware

After the large explanation as well as soul-selling mored than, the same woman from prior to returned as well as requested my apple iphone, she placed the new SIM card in for me, set all of it up and also bang, I was ready to go! It was all over like a fast slap in the face!

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Without a doubt, there are several various other ways to skin a pet cat, yet thats the story of how I got my SIM card in Japan!

You may likewise be interested in various other SIM Card choices, some which are free from Docomo here, or you may want other ways to accessibility Free WiFi here.

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