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Journey in Japan Part 35: Some Like It Hot Tea

I choose to hire a bike. A pal from England, Damien, makes a decision to join me. We order two300 bicycles for the day and also cycle in the direction of Ueno. Heading, we pass an arbitrary stage on Kappabashi cooking area Road. Male as well as womendressed in traditionaltaiko clothing hitmassive taiko drums. A security personnel stands watch, eyeing me up as I take a picture.

We cycle around Ueno Station and also towards Ueno Park. Today as well as tomorrow there is a celebration below, the Philippine Celebration. The celebration is funded by international cash transfer company, Western Union. The space for the event hasn’t been very well used. There are 2 rows of little stalls on both sides, and a 3rd row through the middle which entirely obstructs the view of the little phase.

I guaranteed a buddy I would certainly bring her a souvenir from the festival. To my dismay, every one of the stalls seem for financial institutions or residential property allowing companies. There is a stall using tax refund, there are stalls for numerous banks, there are stalls offering insurance coverage. There is not one stand that seems to use anything remotely memento.

We take a seat near an ice cream store opposite the celebration. I rant to Damien about how much the event has frustrated me, he is in agreement. A lady begins to sing from the phase that you cant also see. The tune from Frozen, Let It Go. I almost take place anotherangry rant, yet decide to simply allow it go.

Back on the bikes, we head to Nippori Station, biking through Fabric Town and Textile Town en route. We cross the train tracks and also head to a big area of eco-friendly on my map, assuming it will certainly be some kind of park or temple.

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Yanaka Reien is substantial. Over seven thousandtombstones are here. The cemetery is so large that it contains a police headquarters and a kids swing park. The Tokugawa Family Members Graveyard is right here too. The last shogun, Tokugawa Yoshinobu, relaxes right here together with fourteen other Tokugawa shoguns. There is one location that slightly confuses me, it is noted on the map as The First Three-dimensional Deposit Facility. We have no suggestion what this indicates.

We head back toward Ueno Park, visiting at the Daimyo Clock Gallery to eliminate time, before going back to Asakusa. Outside the Don Quixote shop, there is the Rokku Hanamichi Blossom Celebration occurring. Songs is being performed on a small phase, however the flowers are noteworthy by their absence.

Our following quit is over the Sumida River, to an area I went to when filming a cycle excursion; Mukojima-Hyakkaen Gardens. The entryway fee is still 150. Today is Mushi-Kiki-no-Kai, which I am told methods, Appreciating the noise of pests. The occasion today defines itself as, An exhibition of different sort of chirping pests, their tweeting sounds, and the amazing yard scenery. The bugs aren’t rather as eye-catching as the description of the event, but the noises they makeare.

A Japanese woman in a Bathrobe approaches us as we look at the crickets. Where are you from? Ah, England! Do you like tea event? BothDamien and I are yet to experience a typical Japanese tea ceremony, so we go along with it and are welcomed right into a tatami mat room, shoes off, kneel down, sign up with the others. The various other thirteen people going to are Japanese.

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We wait a while before the process starts. When it finally does, we circulate a tray having sweets full of a red bean filling. I say thanks to the person to my right for passing me the tray, I bow, I give thanks to Damien to my left for allowing me take a pleasant before him, I bow, I take a sweet, I consume it. It is all very systematic. Next, it is tea time. Girls in Kimonos kneel one at a time before people, bow, and also place a dish of eco-friendly tea in front of them. They movein a clockwise order.

Before alcohol consumption, I ask the lady to my right if she would certainly such as any more tea, and also politely, she refuses. No person ever before says, Yes, at this phase, it is totally a rule. I raise the dish of tea, area it on my left hand, transform it clockwise two times, after that drink it all in one go. Then when the dish is accumulated, I bow once again.

The sweet was tasty, the tea was cool. I always liked warm tea. The female that invited us to the ceremonysaid that they would usually provide warm tea, yet since it is a hot day, they decided to serve it cold. After the event, we are enabled to check the beautifully crafted bowls and the container that containsthe environment-friendly tea powder.

The tea ceremony, I later find out, need to have cost us 2000 each, but we were neverasked to pay anything.

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