Journey in Japan Part 49: The Amazing Kanda Adventure

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The unpleasant rain-soaked streets of Kanda provide the background for thisafternoon. Two synchronised occasions are happening here today, both havingvery little bit in common with the various other. The events do however mix 2 of my favorite things: books, and also curry. I have actually previously visited Kanda when changing trains, and my impressions of the area were far from favorable.

I leave Kanda terminal and walk towards the area known asJinbch. En route, I stroll along a road that features thirty-six sporting activities shops, all beside each other. There is a tiny festival occurring here also, the 20th Kanda Sports Event. I proceed walking until I see an indication that recommends pluralisationcame as a second thought.

Jinbch is named after Nagaharu Jinb, a samurai who utilized to live right here back thens; although they took his name, there is little to no details concerning him on the web. Perhaps I can find something about him in among the several background books on sale here today.

Book Town is wonderful. One side of the road is specifically usedbookshops. Little lights line the length of the road, and also outside the common stores, a massive hallway of small bookcases stretches the size of the event. On a regular day of publication purchasing, you would certainly be ruined for option, but today, at the 55th Kanda Used Book Celebration, the quantity of used books in one area is more thananywhere else worldwide.

There is a store specialising in only style books, another selling just manga comics, and another marketing rare background books; they even have one book up for sale for350000. There is something I discover soothing about strolling the aisles of a bookshop. No one is below trying to promote me into their shop, no one asks me to enter when I am currently inside, and nobody within is talking. The squeaking noise of my damp shoes the only point disturbing the silence.

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The bookshops in fact never end. I see some arrows painted on the floor, so follow them to a little charity run street festival. There are rows of stalls offering numerous different foods. One guy is sitting at a table which seems the location people are dumping their utilized plates and flatware. I check out the man, and also he just shrugs his shoulders; he does not understand why he is resting there either.

At the other end of the festival are much more bookshops. I search a bit much longer, before heading towards Ogawa Square, for my fourth street festival of the day. Today the occasion is Kanda Curry Grand Prix. Twenty various shops are all selling 500 curry in the hopes of obtaining the grand prize. A polling terminal with a sincerity policy remains in area; if I wanted, I can continually choose the very same shop over as well as over.

Kanda flaunts over 2 hundred curry restaurants, so this is the ideal selection of place for this competitors. Outside every stall is a tout shouting at me to go buy their food. A female in a house cleaning clothing provides me a smile and also points in the direction of the shop she is here to advertise. Soaking damp mascots wander around. There is a phase including live music. Three girls are signing autographs for middle-aged males. The odor of curry keeps me at Ogawa Square for half a hr, prior to it is time to go.

I stroll back to Akihabara as well as take the Hibiya Line back to Minowa. Every item of advertising and marketing space on the train is forthe exact same business. On Japanese trains there are usually concerning thirty to forty adverts in each carriage; on this train, all indicators solely advertise an urban park town. Very strange.

I get hold of some things from house, prior to cycling over to Asakusa, for a Halloween event. At bench, I put on make-up in the hope of appearing like a zombie. Friends come and go, some with costumes, others without. Free Halloween themed desserts get on offer, and also glowing plastic pumpkins trash the bar.

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At one point I am asked to bring a failed to remember cake from a local bakery.Waiting at the traffic signal, I see a little child with her mother waiting to go across the road. They are considering me, so I make zombie sounds at the kid; the childscreams and also hides behind her moms leg. All in the good spirit of Halloween.

Back at bench, two French chefs are below to cook for everyone, and also they can cook quite possibly. Canaps, crpes, and also tuna gratin the highlights. We are after that treated to some real-time songs from a neighborhood act, and some scrumptious cake.

As the event wanes, aJapanese buddy of mine hands me an authorized duplicate of his book. It is my preferred publication of his, albeit, the just one I have actually ever before checked out; the othersare composed in Japanese. I locate it tough to reveal sensations of genuinegratitude impersonated a zombie, however I will definitely prize his present.

After the party, we head out to one more bar, for an event called Method or Consume alcohol! I attempt to stay in character at the bar, running across walls, mumbling, as well as dragging one leg as I walk. Homer Simpson is the video jockey, his songs option far better than I would certainly have envisioned. My sumo wrestler buddy is below too, still taller than me, however a great deal less drunk than the last time we fulfilled.

After getting photographed with a sumo wrestler whilst worn zombie makeup, Idecide there isn’t truly much else delegated do in the world, so I head house to rest.

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