The Azaleas at Nezu Shrine Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

The Azaleas at Nezu Shrine Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo image 0 asakusa

Nezu Temple (or Nezu Jinja) is just one of those uncommon concealed treasures, that you would never ever expect to discover in the concrete surroundings of Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo. Within the premises, you will certainly discover numerous old places of worship, going back to the early 1700s, plus a gorgeously polished garden sweeping across the backdrop.

Well known for its abundant purple Azaleas in Springtime, they hold a special Azalea Celebration (or Tsutsuji Matsuri) from very early April to early May to capture this complete charm throughout flower. They contrast radiantly with the many type of magnificent white, red and blue multi-layered blossom beds which fill the rear of the premises. It is known as among Tokyos finest spring areas to check out.

The Azaleas at Nezu Shrine Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo image 0

The Shrines style looks like 1700 Shinto frameworks of that time, specifically with the several uses of red Torii entrances noting various tracks to the main places of worship. They additionally include a primary Torii as the entryway to the sacred location.

The primary framework between features both a main 2 floor tower gateway, known as a (or Roumon), while the main hall also known as (or Honden) is a delicately developed as well as crafted Temple, that includes a main worship or offertory hall.

While access to the Temple is complimentary, entry to the real Azalea garden during the celebration will certainly cost you a measly 200 yen. Accessibility to the temple from either Nezu terminal (Chiyoda Line) or Todai-Mae Terminal (Namboku Line) is a brief 8-minute stroll from either specifically. You additionally can find Nezu Temple on google maps.

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