Journey in Japan Part 48: The Fat Sumo Halloween Special

Journey in Japan Part 48: The Fat Sumo Halloween Special photo 0 asakusa

My day begins with me being totally lost in Shinjuku, searching for an event going by the name of Shinjuku Magic of Halloween. I was under the impact that the occasion included a substantial street ceremony of people worn spooky costumes, but absolutely nothing of the sort seems occurring. I surrender looking and also head back to the train terminal.

Outdoors Shinjuku Terminal, there is a television staff as well as a couple of individuals spruced up, standing in front of a large phase. With over two hundred entries to the station, I have actually unintentionally stumbled upon the occasion I was right here to see to begin with; and by the appearances of it, the show is practically to begin. Outstanding timing as constantly. The lights show up, white smoke billows from machines either side of the stage, as well as the band appeared, much to the pleasure of the ghosts, witches, and also Iron Man.

Today I get the satisfaction of seeingAnna Tsuchiya singing live. FormerKamikaze Girls actress-turned-model-turned-singer, she is just incredible. I have to do with six rows from the front of the phase and also have a bird’s-eye view. The songs is wonderful. The environment is terrific. The climate is excellent. Anna sings 2 tunes about Halloween in English, prior to contractually mentioning computer game Psycho Break; the sponsor for the occasion.

Journey in Japan Part 48: The Fat Sumo Halloween Special photo 0

For the third and last track, we obtain a little bit a lot more from the smoke machines, and Anna sings her 3rd solitary, andfirst top 10 hit, Rose.

After vocal singing, she many thanks the group and also the band leave the stage. One minute later the whole crowd has distributed as well as I am the just one standing at the phase. So much for the Halloween parade. I follow the remainder of the crowd into the train station and head back to Taito-ku.

The day is still cozy, so I select a mid-afternoon bicycle trip. I cycle over the Sumida River in a straight line for ninety mins, stopping off at the strange shrine or holy place along the road. At some point, I come to the Arakawa River as well as cross over into Edogawa. I haven’t been right here prior to today, as well as I cant find anything to do. I cycle around for some time till the sunlight begins to establish.

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After watching the sun from the bridge, it begins to cool, so I race back to Asakusa.

Tonight, I have been invited to a party celebrating the one year anniversary of a sumo restaurant. I have things to do first though, so I arrive rather late; everyone is currently drunk. Blind intoxicated. A few of my close friends from the watercraft event are below also, as well as they are having a hard time to stand. A continuous supply of glasses full of a dubious environment-friendly fluid appear to be appearing from no place, and the acquainted drinking chant of, Yoi yoi yoisho, makes its rounds. A sumo wrestler eats a huge bottle of tequila in one go.

My masseur is here as well; he tells me that my shoulders were the hardest that he ever needed to massage in his whole career. Or at least I assume thats what he claimed, his slurs rather tough to understand. I participate with the proceedings, appreciating the all-you-can-drink spread placed on by the owner. Karaoke ends just as quickly as it starts, and bottles of spirits are circulated. I stay, consuming until I am dizzy, prior to deciding it is time to go residence. As I leave, I am handed a present bag loaded with lovelysouvenirs to go with my memories.

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