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The JET Programme The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme

The JET Program stands for The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme. It is the Governments campaign for English learning as well as cultural exchange throughout Japans education and learning, sports and neighborhood areas.

Coming into the JET Program, you have a choice of 3 duties. An ALT or Assistant Language Instructor, a CIR or Co-ordinator for International Relations as well as a SEA or Sports Exchange Expert. People from around the world come by to Japan to sustain this effort.

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As an ALT, you will function as an aide educator or specialist for a variety of primary, junior high or high schools. You might be dealing with other Japanese teachers, team teaching pupils. Additionally, you might likewise have the possibility to communicate with students throughout breaks as well as after-school activities. Helping the trainees comprehend the social distinctions of your house nation is also beneficial for their more comprehensive worldwide understanding.


As a CIR, you will certainly have the opportunity to deal with local governments as well as their worldwide workplaces. You could be functioning as an English fitness instructor in the business field or tourist markets. Otherwise, you may assist promote tourist in Japan to overseas site visitors as well as urge worldwide cultural exchange. Significantly, it is the CIRs utmost command of Japanese that will certainly let them collaborate with both Japanese firms efficiently. This will certainly additionally enable them to get in touch with international entities to advertise cultural exchange and understanding with Japan.

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As a SEA, you will be in charge of assisting with coaching, recommendations and also preparation of sport-related activities. You could be providing mentoring and assistance to gifted individuals in the local area. An additional alternative is, you might work with regional communities to plan sporting activities or you might assist advise institution sporting activities groups and aid with mentoring. Your proficiency as a professional trainer will certainly be the key skill that you give assist the sporting area of Japan.

The JET Program Experience

In this section, I have actually asked among my friends Mark to discuss his experience and also understanding into the JET Program, as an ALT. He has given a comprehensive account of his first motivations, the meeting procedure as well as his every day life as a teacher. In addition, he has actually provided us some understanding right into his experience of the programme thus far.

Beyond of Marks hectic timetable are his future dreams as well as passions. He is really music-focused, and also you can feel his resolution to do well is virtually contagious. Inevitably, I am actually looking forward to attending among his occasions in the not so long run, as well as I urge you all to check the web links listed below:

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He has both an occasion manufacturing brand name:

More than Music Greater than Songs is a Tokyo-based production occasion production brand dedicated to developing fantastic occasions to leave the audience in absolute awe and also asking for more. We wish to give real musicians a system where their music can be correctly valued and a neighborhood where they feel at home.

The JET Programme The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme photo 0

Plus, he has his own band too:

Wild Stamp Wild Trample is a band that takes all their love of Funk, Spirit, and Hip-Hop, sticks it in a mixer, shreds it to pieces, after that tosses it at the wall surface and calls it a masterpiece. With our angular riffs, our slinky rhythms and bubblegum vocals, were coming for all your stages. See you around.

Below is his within view and also viewpoint of the JET Program:

Just how did you come to be curious about Japan at first?

Ive wanted to involve Japan because I remained in senior high school. I was hugely curious about Japanese background, especially art as well as fighting styles. Long story short, I wished to involve Japan and also experience living right here for myself. I wanted to see it all for myself and create my very own opinion rather than simply checking out it second-hand. After nearly ten years, in 2015 I lastly obtained that possibility.

How did you land (pun intended) a work in the JET Programme?

On JET all of us experience a fairly substantial procedure, that includes a fairly rough interview. The meeting is well known for its somewhat labourious nature. In knowledge, it wasnt that gruelling in any way, however the lead up to it and also the wait on the verification of my approval were hell on planet. The delight of being informed I would certainly be going to live and also operate in Japan made me remarkably satisfied and also I keep in mind that feeling to this particular day.

No person understands specifically why they received the task of a JET (unless they become a component of that work procedure), yet all of us have concepts. I believe the interview has 2 main purposes.

1) Weed out all the weeaboos as well as anime followers.

2) See that can survive ideal under stress.

One part of the interview that constantly sticks to me is when among the interviewers, a short middle-aged Japanese girl with fairly a severe manner asked me to demonstrate some jujitsu to her. I was, besides, a 1st dan black belt from the age of 18. I was quite pleased really that she asked me to do this and also I jumped right to it. Spontaneously, I determined in my head I would show her Kata of Blocks no. 1, a standard sequence of blocks that all of our white belts require to recognize flawlessly.

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I revealed her the Kata and she followed my guideline, stumbling one or two times to see how I would certainly respond. Afterwards, my Daddy and I joked that she was probably a fifth Dan in jujitsu and a bunch of other fighting styles, and she was simply dabbling the young blood. The point is, that demonstration was my lesson strategy and I drew it out of the air regarding they were concerned. I believe that minute, the truth I had actually currently lived abroad (in Italy), which I was (I think) fairly friendly and also chipper, sealed the bargain for me. As well as I possibly crushed the English examination prior to the meeting.

What does a common day appear like for you?

My common day looks basically something like this.

The JET Programme The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme photo 1

Begin at 8. 1 2 lessons in the early morning. 0 2 lessons in the afternoon. Extra English for 1 hr after institution. Sometimes I educate Japanese to the exchange student/s for a hr or 2. Complete at 5. Swap those around for any mix. Some days I have 1 lesson. Various other days I have 4 or 5 lessons. On some days I simply walk the class. Some days I lead all the lessons. Its an extremely diverse and mixed bag. However my scenario is unique.

After my very first year, my manager enabled me to make the JET timetables at the start of each year due to the fact that hes hectic as well as he believes me to do a good task. Possibly he doesn’t care. I don’t really mind, I such as the obligation as well as he never whined concerning the outcome. Plus I am the even more elderly as well as experienced JET so the various other JET never whined either.

I constantly make timetables that are reasonable and satisfy particular criteria, yet I never ever make a schedule that is totally favourable to myself and harmful to somebody else.

What can you tell us regarding your experience as a JET to date?

I am discovering the experience to be enjoyable, enlightening, as well as liberating. Fun because working with my colleagues as well as pupils is typically enjoyable. Informing in that I am discovering equally as high as my students are. Liberating in that the task doesn’t link me down.


To elaborate on each motif, Ive known a lot of JETs who have actually left just due to the fact that their associates were assholes and also mosting likely to work was a lot more a problem than a delight. I really had a coworker that made our workplace into rather a severe area and also I truly didnt look forward to mosting likely to work each day.

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For me, it was easier to manage because I recognized they would certainly be gone in good time. As soon as that happened and the scenario would certainly boost. The factor is, my workplace is mostly without dispute, no one steps on my toes and also no person heads out of their method to be an arsehole as has actually held true for some.


On the point of informing, this is really crucial. As JETs we are understood to be leading of the power structure of ALTs in Japan, largely for our good pay and also advantages. A number of us allowed that go to our heads as well as we acquire a massive unjust vanity that commonly gains us the online reputation of being one of the most hateable foreigners in Japan right next to drunk immigrants in Roppongi. There was a time I was going to leave JET and also make my way somewhere else. I entered into the meeting with rather a great deal of pompousness as well as I got taken down hard. Think me when I state I got crushed. Alternatively, I was additionally humbled by the experience.

Because time, I found out that JET is excellent yet we are still just entry level, were not also genuine instructors. We are the highest called, on the reduced rate of a big totem. If you ever see a JET acting up, I urge you to take them down a secure.


Ultimately, liberating. One problem you will always hear about from JETs is the incredible quantity of free time we have throughout work. A lot of us fix that with Japanese research study and more, especially in the countryside. But also city JETs succumb the boredom of downtime.

My factor is this. City JETs who are tired are losing their time. Remaining in a Japanese city is an opportunity. Being in Tokyo, I such as to assume that I am plumbing the midsts of the opportunities before me. That includes researching Japanese, amongst all my various other jobs. No question inaka (countryside/rural) JETs don’t have the exact same chances, yet the do you have a similarly rich set of opportunities. Where city JETs pay greater lease, inaka JETs have more cash to have fun with. Where inaka JETs need to drive a hr+ for a conbini (Convenience Store), city JETs event and consume alcohol like kings. Everything evens out. It simply depends upon exactly how you play your cards.

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