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Journey in Japan Part 42: There Will Be Flood

One more hurricane is making its unpleasant means towards Tokyo and also need to arrive this evening. I cant delay. Today it is currently raining, and also checking out the state of the sidewalk outside, it resembles it has been drizzling all evening. To prevent a soaking, I stroll one min to the nearest terminal and also take the somewhat appropriately named however badly spelt Tsukuba ExpressLine (noticable diving), prior to transforming to the Yamanote Line at Akihabara Station.

My location today is Meiji Shrine. The train takes thirty-one mins to get to Harajuku Terminal. On the train, the telescreen has taken a break from revealing the normal droll adverts and also instead is showing the current setting of the bleak typhoon.

I leave the station as well as head throughthe pouring rainfall to the shrine premises.

There is an odd festival taking place, everything about establishing fire to busted old playthings. The event is referred to as Ningyo Kanshasai. It is a festival to say thanks to dolls as well as is held every year at Meiji Shrine. It initially began in 1989, and this year notes its 26th wedding anniversary. In Japan, there is a belief that a component of your soul dwells withinyour belongings. Giving usedgifts isn’t incredibly popular right here, as a component of your person is handed down in addition to the second-hand things.

Today, thisShinto exorcism event is a way to cleanse the doll, and also cost-free the component of your soul which is encompassed by the motionless item; afree spirit for a healthy and balanced mind. For the lowprice of 3000, you can add your dolls to the enormous collection of others; you also can have your heart ultimately freed. The spirit of the doll is elevated by the Haraikiyome (filtration) priest, and also a cleaning ritual well-known asOharai is performed on the dolls.

In 2015,44,000 dolls were donated for purification by over 7,000 people. The range ofdolls differ hugely; Japanese dolls, Western dolls, as well as packed animals all appear popular this year. The rainfall has put a small damper on the yield this year, however there are still plenty of dolls right here. In the main hall, a stunning ritual performed by 2 females in costumes is happening. The official web site informs me that, This austere festival is a must-see.

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I leave just before thesacred sak is distributed. The sanctuary from the many trees inside Meiji Shrine insufficient to shield me from the storm, and I leave soaking damp. As I reach the departure, the noises of drums fill the air. Thanks, dolls.

I always such as visiting Meiji Temple at the weekend break, its location is very near Yoyogi Park. There is always a possibility to seetwo events in one area.

This weekend the event isThe Road of Hokkai-Food, an event celebrating the food ofHokkaido. Just like the other celebration, this event is also in its 26th year; although the two seem quite unconnected. Here there are almost ninetystalls offering numerous different snacks, cheap meals, ornaments, cheeses, and also beer. The small stalls clustered with each other, the heavy rain, and the fragrance of food filling the air is evocative a songs event.

A few of the foods on offer consist of Ishikari-nabe (salmon, stewed vegetables, as well as tofu in a misobroth), Yakitori (smoked chicken on a stick), numerous kinds of seafood, and also a lot of Sapporo beer. The only thing missing out on is the people; it would be fair to claim the occasion is a full washout. There is a female dressed in a clever white fit giving a talkon the stage for an event advertisedas, Sapporo Offers

I leave the celebration and stroll over to Shibuya. Today is the last day of an art exhibition Ive been intending to check out, so whilst I remain in the location I determine to swing byBunkamura; a performance, theater hall, and museum. Aesthetic Deception II: Into the Future is a method art exhibition concentrating onshadows, shapes, mirror pictures, optical illusions, andanamorphosis. It costs 1500 and is a great break from the weather. The exhibit of strange art work can only be referred to as insane. Normally, no digital photography is allowed.

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After the exhibit, Idecideto head home before all the trains get cancelled. My hostel currently took preventative measuresto battle flooding; team member cleaned out the drains as well as positioned a row or blocks before the actions where flooding happened last month.

Back at the hostel, I do some writing, before navigating a few drinks at a neighboring bar. The rainfall proceeds. When I ultimately leave bench, the sidewalk exterior is flooded by pools ofrushing water. The hostel is likewise flooded, excellent task, bricks.

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