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Top 10 New Year Japanese Words Happy New Year 2019 from FAQ

2018 is ending, and perhaps youll be alcohol consumption, consuming, dance or unwinding the year away. So, this our top 10 New Year Japanese Words for 2019.

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Top 10 New Year Japanese Words:


(or Oshougatsu) refers to the brand-new year duration at the calendar year-end. A lot more especially, it implies the celebration that occurs on the initial couple days of January. At this time, the majority of organizations close, and individuals relax from their stressful tasks. Japanese individuals mostly invest this time with their family members, usually heading back to their home town. There they will hang around celebrating with each other, stating goodbye to the year-end and also welcoming in a fresh brand-new 365 days.


(or Toshikoshi) essentially converts into New Years Eve, the 31st of December yearly.

On the 31st of December, it is common for several to enjoy (or Toshi Koshi Soba) generally suggests New Years Eve Japanese buckwheat noodles. This enables people to farewell any of the negativeness as well as animosities held from the previous year. So, they do this by making soba their last meal, an icon of claiming Sayonara to their past grievances.


On (or Gantan) or the 1st of January, the adhering to day, households will certainly after that welcome in the new year with a range of tasks. In Japan, there are a lot of cultural traditions that proceed over the New Year duration, which we have actually listed in this blog post.

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(or Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu) is the same welcoming as Delighted New Year. In addition, you can utilize other acronyms like (Akemashite Omedetou) or the laid-back (Ake Ome). The laid-back welcoming is a lot more preferred between buddies or family.

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The New Years dish of (or Osechi), is a range of dishes (such as fish and shellfish, veggies, rice cakes and also more). They are generally packed in unique boxes, similar to (or Obento) meaning lunch boxes. The dishes usually represent individuals hope of blessings, good fortune and also lengthy wellness. Nevertheless, there are lots of kinds of dishes that individuals consume on now, which have a variety of different meanings.

6. or

or (or inoshishi doshi) essentially indicates the Year of the Pig and also is this years 2019 rep of the Zodiac schedule. Nonetheless, Inoshishi in Japanese really implies boar, representative of the wild pigs you can find in the Japanese wilderness.

Regardless, the Zodiac calendar has a normal cycle and rotates every 12 years. It begins with February in the present year to February the following year. Individuals that fall under the year of the pig are born in a range of years. These consist of 1923-24, 1935-36, 1947-48, 1959-60, 1971-72, 1983-84, 1995-96, 2007-8, 2019-20, 2031-32, and so on.

According to Chinese Zodiac horoscopes (as well as we treat this as pure speculation), those who were born in the Year of the Pig can be in for a rollercoaster flight in 2019. On the plus side, you will certainly locate support and also support from your coworkers. Moreover, solitary women might likewise have the chance to a fresh new connection. However, in terms of riches your luck appears to be regarded as fairly reduced to fair. Despite this, we hope every person has a bright as well as effective begin in January 2019!

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(or Hatsumoude) refers to a persons first check out to either a (or Otera) meaning Temple or (or Jinjya) meaning Shrine. On among the first few days in January, several check out a temple or temple. As the Japanese practice goes, they see these sacred places of praise to pray for good luck and health throughout the year. People generally make a little coin donation as well, as an example, typically 5 yen coins.

5 yen is frequently made use of as a contribution due to its link to lot of money. (or Go en), which is words for 5 yen, shares the same word as (or Go en), which implies fate or opportunity. Therefore, 5 yen is broadly seen as an all the best beauty or icon.

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After following a couple of simple actions, individuals pray to the gods in hope of having their wishes provided.


(or Shinnen Houfu) is actually equated right into New Years Resolution. Throughout several societies, people use the new year as an opportunity to make some sort of renovation or positive modification in their life. Normally, the largest problem with making any type of significant change is staying with it. If you can truly keep your inspiration then hopefully you can likewise make a positive lasting enhancement. Best of luck!


(or Shinnenkai) is the term utilized to explain New Year Events. These are rather popular occasions in Japan, especially in the company world. They usually occur in January of each year and are designed to invite in the brand-new year with associates and even brand-new or present calls. They are extremely similar to (or bounenkai) which are End of Year Events that happen in December.

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( or Otoshi Dama) is the Japanese customized occurring on January 1, New Years Day. On this particular day, moms and dads will give cash to their children. The present is generally presented to every kid in a brightly decorated or red coloured envelope. The amount of cash the moms and dads give typically depends upon the age of the youngster. Yet, it is not unusual to see quantities of 10,000 yen or even more given out. Hopefully, you also were additionally lucky adequate to obtain some type of financial reward (as pictured listed below).

To all our brand-new and also existing readers, Pleased New Year for 2019 from FAQ. We wish you all have a prosperous and also amazing year ahead. Even more, we wish the leading 10 New Year Japanese Words for 2019 will make it more significant.

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