Top 10 Things to Do in Namba

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What are the Top 10 Points to do in Namba? Below is our overview on the main southerly or Minami district of Osaka. It is now home, to some of Japans ideal food, distinct style, shopping galore and enjoyment.

Namba comes by the major midosuji subway line that goes through the centre of the city. In addition, is additionally a major transport center for JR Kintetsu, Nankai, Hanshin as well as 3 metro lines too.

The major areas that surround the southern resources include Shinsaibashi, Dotonbori, America Muirs, Nipponbashi (Den Den Community) and also Namba itself.

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1. Do the Namba Stroll

The Namba Walk is a 700m+ underground arcade that includes over 270 shops. These include style, exquisite as well as everyday important outlets. It is straight easily accessible from Namba station on the Kintetsu line as well as Metro Midosuji, Sennichimae and also Yotsubashi Lines. Additionally, there are 2 significant sidewalks, one dealing with North as well as the various other South. Throughout the roads, you can observe a range of art sculptures and also water attributes in harmony with the history songs.

You can locate the Namba Walk on google maps too.

2. Check out the Alleys of Ura-Namba

In the darker alleyways of Namba is a backstreet only frequented by Osakajin locals, identified Ura-Namba. The Ura directly translates right into secret or surprise, and you could be forgiven for missing it as well. As necessary, this plain part of town is masked in enigma, much like every other slim street in the location.

You can see many izakayas and also standing bars that line the sides of each narrow street. They are both moderately priced as well as filled with Osaka flavoured goodness. The entire location is elude with yakitori stores, as well as they outnumber the flurry of standing bars, sushi shops as well as other izakayas that sit in between them.

You can locate the area of Ura-Namba through google maps also.

3. Take the Obligatory Glico Man Picture

Dotonbori is one of the primary traveler areas in Namba, Osaka. It runs along the Dotonbori canal and also has plenty of street food, coffee shops, dining establishments, izakayas and also even more shopping. Among the vital highlights along Ebisu Bridge is the blinding neon lights, specifically the Glico Man (). Essentially, everybody that crosses this bridge takes a picture of the site indicator, be it foreigner or Japanese. It has ended up being a preferred sign of the location and also has actually existed because 1935 when it was first mounted. In fact, the sign is that of one of Japans popular confectionary firms.

You can find Ebisu Bridge, Dotonbori via location right here.

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4. Take the Tonbori River Cruise

This 20-minute mini-cruise is a helpful adventure and also insight into Dotonbori. Beginning with simply in front of Donki Quijote Dotonbori, the guides will provide you inside information and also back floors behind lots of renowned places. Costs begin at 400 yen for children and also 900 yen for adults.

The place to buy tickets is marked on google maps too.

5. Attempt Okonomiyaki as well as Takoyaki or Both

The city classified as (or Tenka no daidokoro) meaning the globes kitchen is popular for its food. Specifically, dishes like Takoyaki and also Okonomiyaki. In the Dotonbori location of Namba, you can find numerous sort of dining establishments as well as stores particularly specialising in these dishes.

Takoyaki is called Octopus Balls, literally. Nevertheless, they are much more tasty than they might seem. They are made from a flour-based batter and filled with diced or minced octopus. It is cooked in an unique moulded pan combined with green onion and also pickled ginger. The balls are then cleaned with Worcestershire sauce as well as mayonnaise. Generally really hot, particularly if taken straight off the hot plate, beware not to melt your tongue!

Okonomiyaki is often called Japanese Pancake or perhaps Japanese pizza. Nonetheless, it is very various from both of those type of foods. There are lots of variants, but the basic recipe includes a flour-based batter, eggs, cabbage as well as some sort of meat or seafood. Some of the fun with these type of dining establishments is you can cook it yourself, with a warmer in the center of the table. In others, they cook it before you, with a counter design layout.

You can access the primary road of Dotonbori below.

6. Store Till You Drop in Shinsaibashi

Shinsaibashi is the Shopping Resources of Osakas South, including its Shimbashi-Suji. This is a major street that runs through the area, including shops, dining establishments and also department stores lining both sides of the arcade. Additionally, the road goes for virtually 600 metres, and also navigates 60,000 visitors a day on weekdays, virtually double on weekend breaks. The location has actually been a mainly shopping district for greater than 400 years considering that it was first established.

Several of the essential brand names you will come across consist of Uniqlo, HnM, ABC Mart. There is the huge Daimaru Outlet store, along with several cafes, restaurants and also boutique stores also.

Use google maps to situate the Shinsaibashi-Suji purchasing area right here.

7. Visit the Hip America-Mura

America Mura or Ame-Mura as it is passionately understood, is the elegant and also stylish area of Osakas South. Near Shinsaibashi, it full of hip and stylish coffee shops, store garments shops and also dining establishments. Additionally, you can find a variety of used garments shops also.

The name of the area originates from greater than 30 years earlier when import shops started marketing American products. Ultimately, that has actually currently changed right into a really one-of-a-kind young people society, which is constantly filled with activity. Mitsu Park is the key hangout spot of the area and is often host to a lot of flea markets and efficiencies. Easily, the area is a short stroll from Shinsaibashi terminal.

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Use the link for the centre of Ame-mura at Mitsu Park right here.

8. Get Your Nerd on in Den Town

Nipponbashi or Den Community is the Osaka Otakus most likely to the area for all points nerd. The area resembles its Tokyo counterpart Akihabara, just on a smaller sized scale. The area is packed with shops marketing electronic devices, leisure activity as well as designs, toys, anime, audio, computer systems and more. Additionally, there are likewise a lot of house maid and cosplay coffee shops that exist with the district.

Nipponbashi was initially a place overrun with second-hand book stores prior to World War II. Nonetheless, after the war, many customer electronics stores began to arise and hence changed the area and name of the area with it.

Remarkably, they likewise have their actual own Tenga shop in the area. If you do not understand what that is, after that I suggest you look it up

Den-Den Community is around a 10-minute stroll from Namba station. Alternatively, you can also access it from Sakaisuji and also Sennichimae lines, via Nipponbashi station.

You can discover the place for Den-Den Town right here using google maps.

9. Spend the Entire Day in the 24/7 Namba Hips

Namba Hips is a leisure centre, shopping mall, eating area, food court as well as more in one single structure. Overall, the complex is 12 tales tall, with 2 basement levels and also 10 floorings above ground as well. Inside you can find a mini-golf program, karaoke parlours, dining establishments, bars, an archery centre, pachinko parlour as well as more. As a matter of fact, most of the places are open 24/7 also, so you could realistically invest your entire day below if you really felt the need to? Namba Hips is very near Namba terminal.

You can make use of google maps to discover Namba Completion below.

10. Visit Namba Parks

The Namba Parks complex is a distinct item of architecture, especially for its roofs multi-tiered yard. Yet an additional shopping center in mind, however with one major difference because its attempt to be eco-friendly. Surprisingly, there is a lot plant and plants on the inside of the complex. Nevertheless, outside is where the elegance actually exerts itself. Below its beautifully coordinated format of plants, trees, waterfalls and also water functions assist to provide it the environmentally friendly picture. The 120+ shops inside the complex are targeting younger consumers. Plus, it includes a cinema and a large outdoor occasion space.

Use the link to accessibility Namba Parks right here.

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