Journey in Japan Part 15: Towering Above the Rest

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The day starts with a 1,000 hairstyle. This is in fact quite cheap for a haircut.I ama little stressed regarding asking for it in Japanese, however the barber recognizes what I want, as well as actually does a great task. After he ends up cutting my hair, he hoovers my head with a hoover. I wasnt anticipating that.

With wonderful brand-new hair, Idecide to take a look at some watercraft auto racing. AtKyotei Boat Racing Arena the security is really tight. As a matter of fact, the entire perimeter ofthe 1397 capacity room is cluttered with guard. Today is the28th Ladies Champion Boat Race. I pay my100 entry fee and also sit on the steps outside that ignore the racecourse.

This is just one of 24 watercraft racing arenas in Japan. A sport that is unique to the region. The race starts up soI take out my video camera. Instantaneously one of the security personnel taps me on the shoulder. No digital photography is allowed below. The above photograph of no race occurring was the just one I might steal.

The six watercrafts do three laps of the1,800-meter long course. The red watercraft, watercraft number five, obtains bumped by another racer and also ends up delaying. Itreminds me a great deal of greyhound auto racing. I am not sure why yet wagering is taking place here too. Watercraft primary is the winner. A 1-4-2 tricast wins 1590 from a100 wager. Pretty poor probabilities if you ask me.

After the watercraft auto racing, I visit Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome.

The dome is the official baseball arena for the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks.It was Japans initially stadium with a retractable roof covering. It seats38,561 viewers andseats price anywhere in between 1000 to 14000. Baseball is a hugely prominent sporting activity in Japan, and also from what I can tell from the games that I have seenshown in bars, the Hawks are a pretty good group.

Beyond the dome in the distance is Fukuoka Tower.I park my bicycle near the tower and take a closer look.

Fukuoka Tower kicks Beppu Tower to the dirt. As I go inside I am informed that due to the fact that I am foreign I obtain a twenty percent discount, so in overall, I pay640. As I go into the main location of the tower, I am asked to search for. So I do. Over me, a108-metre shaft.

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The lifttakes seventy secs. The tower is 234 metres high. The checking out system stands at 123 metres. The tower has actually beenbuilt to hold up against magnitude 7 quakes, the attendant says like a robotic. Just doing her work.

On the fifth flooring of Fukuoka Tower, theview of Fukuoka City is fantastic. In the distance, I can see Hakata Bay, in the oppositedirection I can see the Sefuri Mountains.

I take the stairs down to the 3rd flooring, after that ride the lift down. At night the tower will certainly be brightened inMilky Means colours; whatever that is expected to suggest. The illuminations change for each and every period.

My following stop is in the structure opposite the tower. On the 2nd flooring, I go to Robosquare. This is definitely the place to be in Fukuoka if you like robots. If you want to find out about robotics. If you want to participate in robot workshops.

It is free to enter.Inside they have a robot gallery and a little shop marketing robotics and other sets. Some robotics you can have fun with, others you can speak to. Unfortunately, I have missed the 2 pm efficiency by twenty minutes.Me and also my bad timing.

AfterRobosquare, I head 5 mins to the Fukuoka Catastrophe Avoidance Facility. It is afacility that reasonably imitates different calamities for site visitors in situation of emergency situations: an exceptional method topromote person security. It also has a gallery of fire battling and also quakes.

Entry is once more cost-free, therefore is the one hour trip. During the tour, you can see a video clip about safety, before finding out exactly how to respond in a number of simulations. Strong winds, exactly how to snuff out a fire, exactly how to deal with a space packed with smoke, as well as escape safely. There aredoors that mimic water stress; a cars and truck door sits under water and also you have to push to see if you would certainly be solid enoughto retreat. Photos of quake calamities hang on the walls. It is all very macabre.

Ultimately, there is an earthquake simulator. You are provided the opportunity to conceal under a table with a cushion on yourhead and also to get rocked by a quake ofmagnitude 7 on the Richter scale. I am late for the tour so don’t take part in the simulations. I think about awaiting the following excursion, yet it does not begin for virtually an hour.

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I return to my bike, only to locate that it is about to be clamped. The security personnel has secured seat clamps to other bicycles here and is currently inspectingthe bike two from mine. I delicately walk to my bike, and with adrenaline pumping via my body, I unlockit as fast as I can.

I discharge towards Ohori Park.Me as well as my impeccabletiming.

Ohori Park behaves. Ithas biking, jogging, and also walking courses. Level concrete, my favourite. Each of the courses have actually ranges defined on the floor. This is the sort of location that athletes come to exercise. The path includes a substantial lake in the center of the park. I cycle the path a few times, prior to deciding to head back to the hostel for some food.

Down a random side street near Tenjin Terminal, something incredible occurs. I see among myfavourite YouTube characters, Micaela Braithwaite. She is happily ambling along. I sayHelloto her instead coyly as we pass. Hi, she responds tome, albeit slightly hesitantly. The adrenaline still flowing via my capillaries. I look behind me, and afterwards she is gone.

The very factor these two weeks in Fukuoka areeven on my itinerary is as a result of her. Before I started travelling throughout Japan, I invested a fair amount of leisure time trawling with YouTube video clips about Japan.Micaelas video clips would certainly constantly loom over the rest. Based in Fukuoka, her video clips on the location made me want to check out. If it wasnt for her video clips, I would never have taken into consideration Fukuoka.

I continue cycling, starstruck. I angle quit thinking of the events of the day. My mind formulates unlimited opportunities. If I had remained for the disaster tour, after that I would certainly have certainly got my bicycle secured. The rest of the day would certainly have been miserable. I would certainly have had to describe everything to the hostel staff; pay a penalty, waste throughout the day sorting it out. How two minutes made such a bigdifference.I spend as long thinking that I am completelylost in my very own ideas. I have actually been cycling intuitively for 10 mins without observing. I have no concept where I am or exactly how I obtained right here.

Back at the hostel, Ged appears. An Englishman I satisfied back in Beppu. He is staying right here tonite however leaving Japan tomorrow. He hands me his Seishun 18 Ticket. He has used 3 of the 5 days on it. I supply to pay for the ticket but he rejects my cash. This ticket will permit me any kind of 2 days endless traveling on any kind of Japan Rail local line. Remarkable. I can receive from Kyoto to Tokyo with this ticket, basically absolutely free. Thank you Ged.

I navigate some food and a couple of Highballs at my favorite bar. I try to read my publication but I really feel a little troubled.I think of the alternating me; the one standing there trying to discuss himself tothe bicycle traffic warden.Everything because that momenthasnt felt genuine to me.

I leave bench after only two drinks.As I stare at the skies, I see a star, for the first time in eight weeks.

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