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Journey in Japan Part 4: Twelve Hundred Monkeys

The entry to Mount TakasakiMonkey Land NationalPark is at the base of a mountain. The mountain is 628 meters high, as well as the apes have to do with half way up.Ipay my 510 entry cost and start to walkthe instead easy path. There was an alternative to pay to take a tiny train to the top, but I would rather stroll, involving myself in the environment of the woods.

I reach some stairs as well as there are wild monkeys straying around all over the place.An indicator tells me, If you look into their eyes, they will certainly view this as a threat and also they will certainly attack. Not looking into their eyes is in fact more challenging than you might think.At Mount TakasakiMonkey Land NationalParkthere are Japanese apes everywhere.Just over 1200 monkeys, to be nearly specific. They wander around by my feet, claiming not to observe me, or just not appreciating me being below.

There is a personnel speaking Japanese on a microphone. Randomly, all of the apes in every direction scream, this occurs maybe every min or two. The sound is deafening. It turns out I have actually shown up right before feeding time, and also the monkeys are shrieking due to the fact that they recognize this as well as want their food.

A cage of food is drawn out as well as the screams increase. From every instructions apes run towards the food. The member of team takesthe makeshift wheelbarrow carrying the crateof foodand flees from all the apes. They chase him, jumping into the pet crate to get food before jumping out once again, satisfied.

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The apes locate their own little exclusive areas to appreciate their food. One sits down ideal beside my foot and also munches ona miscellaneous veggie; one more monkey swings to and fro on a swing. I stray around taking pictures of monkeys before heading pull back the mountain.

At the bottom of the hill, there are two various other tourist attractions. Throughout the road from Mount TakasakiMonkey Land NationalPark is the Umitamago Fish tank, as well as at the bottom of the mountain course is Forest Treatment Roadway. The indicator outside the forestclaims to, Aid you stay healthy and balanced psychologically and also literally and also avoid disease while involving yourself in the ambience of the woods.I was intending to go to Forest Therapy Road, but it turns out that the course I had just taken down the mountainwasthemagical healing forest.

I go across the roadway and pay the steep access fee, 1950. I am handed my ticket as well as a good pamphlet that says, The friendly aquarium invites you! Inside, theaquarium is massive.Animals living here include seals, otters, dolphins, penguins, sharks, sea lions, frogs, sea turtles, walruses, and also different other fish.

After investing far too lengthy looking at fish, it is time to capture the once-hourly bus toita.Today is the Nagahama Temple Summer Event. This is the very first summer festival held in ita Prefecture annually. It is famous forrice cakes as well as merchants marketing handmade dolls, photos, and also various other distinct works.

AtNagahama Temple Summer season Festival, summer season is probably the incorrect word to have used. The rain is hefty. There are market delays selling different foods spread the whole time the side of the road, nonetheless, the roadway isn’t shut. I walk through the streets staying clear of vehicles and also following my ears. I find the main ceremony industrious; around fifty people dressed in purple apparel bring mobile shrines. Individuals bang drums and also play the grooves. Spirit levels are fairly high, even with the climate.

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After adhering to the procession for an excellent twenty minutes, I discover that I am soaking damp, so make a decision to head back to Beppu.

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